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Winter, New Years and a New Baby

It’s been a real mild winter and I’ve been enjoying the warmer than normal days. With the addition of Haven to the family I haven’t gotten out as much because she has taken some of our sleep and some of our extra time. I did get a good collection of rides in right around New Years and that was awesome.

Here’s a few photos of Haven and Levi

He loves his little sister.


New Year’s Eve was a mellow family evening. We had a great sunset here and then went over to my parent’s house for dinner and to spend some time with my sister and her son before they had to head home to Oregon.

I did get to ride my bike some. I was out with a couple friends and we were exploring some new rocks and looking for fun lines. We found a few good ones.


We also got a day out on the rocks. Pat was there with Chad, Laura and Morgan and Amber surprised me by joining us with Levi and Haven. Amber was cranking, just one month from having Haven via C-section. Impressive.

I’ve been continuing to workout and although my weight hasn’t changed much I am fitter and my clothes are fitting looser. In this pic you can see that I’m starting to gain some definition in my back, although there is still a bunch of flab there.

Cruxing out in the warm December Weather



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