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Why Exercise?

I exercise to do sports, to be outside and use my body as best as I can. Given the opportunity I’d much rather just do the things I want to do outside as my main source of training. But that’s not the path I’ve gone down. I’ve got a job and a family and I would have to neglect them some to spend as much time as I want outside. Besides, I love them and like spending time with them, so I’d be missing something greater.

So instead of playing outside all the time, I work out inside a lot. But the good thing I notice is that a lot of the exercise I do inside helps me outside. When I started Asylum in the fall of 2011 I got faster at running and better at climbing without actually doing any running or climbing. Obviously there’s a point where that won’t happen, but I’m not there yet. So for now I’ll continue with this phase of Asylum and get my mountain biking, running, hiking, etc… when I can.

Here’s a couple pics of a recent mountain bike ride. We had to wind around a mountain and then eventually hike up to the top of a ridge with our bikes. We stopped and hit some jumps and stunts along the way and rode a fantastic downhill as the reward for our hike-a-bike. Thanks to P90X (what I was doing at the time) I was able to hike up the hill with minimal problems. That’s cool.

This was a fun little jump that I found. It’s always cool to show other people your stuff.

This is the hike-a-bike part. I’ve only done this twice, but it definitely didn’t seem as bad this time. I think I’ll keep training.

I also rode a couple new trails in Honda Valley. It’s not my favorite place to ride, but the new trails are adding more fun features so I’m sure I’ll hit it up more often than I normally do. One trail had this cool obstacle on it. It doesn’t look too scary in the photo, but riding up to it is a different story. I eventually did it, but it took me quite a few tries before I committed.

I’d like to say I’ll be playing outside tomorrow, but I’ll probably be working out in front of the computer monitor. That’s alright, I know I’ll be stronger the next time I do go outside.

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