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46th Birthday Challenge

In 46 Days I’ll be 46. So this year my challenge is going to be 46 days of challenges. Some will or course be bigger than others. I’m still working on some of the details, so consider this a work in progress, but the gist should be pretty close.

I will ride my bike 460 miles and run 46 miles during the 46 days. I will exercise for 46 minutes every day. I will do 46 pull-ups, push-ups and ab exercises every day. I will ride each of my bikes 46 miles at least once during the 46 days.

I will paddle a paddleboard 4.6 kilometers and try to catch 46 waves. I will eat vegeterian for 5 days and whole foods for another 5 (rounding up to 5).

I will drink no alcohol during the challenge, but I will have 5 mulligan days so that I can imbibe with friends on occasion.

I want to do a 46 boulder problem day and either a 46 route day or a 46 route weekend if it’s not going to work out in a day.

I know there’s more, but this is a good start. Let the fun begin.


2 Responses to “46th Birthday Challenge”

  1. Awsome!! Let me know when you want an easy Honda Valley bike day. Chad

  2. Rad. I’ll virtually do some with you. Not sure what though. Certainly not the drinking part. I’m in for the 2nd and 5th paragraph. A muerte!

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