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46th Birthday Challenge. Day 29

So today is Day 29 of my challenge and a clear pattern has developed. I’m totally committed to the riding and the running and the pull-ups but am a bit behind on both the bike and the running. I’ve done almost all the pull-ups but I had one day I didn’t do any and another where I missed about 20. I don’t seem too concerned with the abs or the push-ups and I think it’s because they are a little too easy, so it’s hard to motivate myself.

I’ve exercised for at least 45 minutes on 26 of the days, missing 3. Hopefully I won’t miss anymore, but time will tell. I’ve only had one vegetarian day and no whole food days, so we’ll see whether I meet those goals or not. Don’t hold your breath. I’ve taken 3 Mulligans for the drinking so far, so I think I’m good there, but I could see just deciding I don’t want to do that part of the challenge anymore and stopping. Of course, Amber would give me endless grief about it, which is probably the only reason I’m still doing it.

Today I did 46 miles on the fixie. I switched out my seat before the ride and the new one was way better. I was still pretty tired of sitting on the bike by the time I finished but it was better than far shorter rides leading up to this.

46 miles on the fixie. No problem with that.

Saw a cool red-tailed Hawk while out on the ride. He took off out of the desert a ways ahead of me. Then as he circled back towards me I could see that he had a snake in his talons. Very cool.

Friday we had torrential rains, heavy winds and thunder and lightning. It was very cool. Levi got a chance to play in the yard after the storm and had a blast running through the puddles and playing in the mud. When it was time to come in he got stripped down and taken straight to the shower. He’s lucky I didn’t just use the hose. He was pretty filthy, but very happy.

Levi missed swimming lessons so had to settle for Lake Backyard Puddle.

16 more days, 200 more miles on the bike and 26 running. I better pick up the pace.

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