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Day 36 of my 46th Birthday Challenge

I’ve had a good week since my last update. I’ve been pretty consistent on the bike, got 3 runs in, done all my pull-ups, done another 46 mile bike ride and added another vegeterian day. I’ve also seen one venomous snake and another non-venomous snake as well as one snake that was food for a red-tail hawk.

Thursday Amber and Levi went to Disneyland and Amber’s Mom was watching Haven. This meant I had a free afternoon. I took advantage of it to get some bouldering in. I headed to Airport Rocks and started climbing. It was a hot day and I was sweating profusely most of the time.  This included my feet. Since I had new shoes with red leather under the heel I ended up with a lot of red dye on my feet. Thankfully it wasn’t as painful as it looked at first glance.

Sweat and new red leather means red feet.

By the time I got close to finish I was feeling pretty tired, but the bigger problem was how much my feet hurt. I haven’t climbed in a while, so my feet were not used to climbing shoes and I’ve blown out all my comfy high-mileage shoes, so I had to use newer shoes that I haven’t broken in that well yet. But I did finish and it was a nice day on the boulders. I’m hoping it will be a good tune-up for bouldering season. I’ve been doing my pull-ups which should help my fitness some and make it easier to start bouldering when it gets a bit cooler.

After the bouldering I changed into my running shorts and shoes and headed out for a few miles in the desert. I was planning an out and back route on some nice singletrack that runs near the bouldering area. About 1 mile in I hear this buzzing noise and start jumping sideways seemingly at the same time I realize it’s a rattlesnake. Once I figure out where the snake is my heartrate starts to come down some.  I check it out for a bit. It’s about a 3-foot long Mojave Green. Just 3 days earlier I was telling someone I had seen lots of other rattlesnakes but only one little Mojave Green. I guess I jinxed myself. Looking at my footprints it looked like I was about 2 feet from him, which is about how far they can strike. I’m glad I didn’t test whether I was close enough to hit or not. I didn’t want to run past that area again, so I turned around and ran back to the Jeep.

This pic stolen from the web, but he looked about like this.

Saturday morning Amber and I did a mudrun. It was the first time we’ve done something like that together since we’ve had kids. It was nice to get out and do something without having to worry about where Levi was running off to.  They had a lot of cool obstacles to climb over, a couple hills to run down, a big pit filled with ice water and guys with firehoses wetting you down in places. It went well and I got another 3 miles in. Yes!

My 46 mile ride on my Full suspension mountain bike was planned for Sunday morning. I didn’t get up too early, but I tried to get moving relatively quickly. Not one of my strong points. I rode from home and took a long trek out to Sycamore Rocks via way of Bell Mountain. I hit a few different trails at Sycamore Rocks and then headed back to Bell Mountain. I rode to my parents house and got there at about mile 32. I fueled up and headed out for another loop of Bell Mountain and headed home. I was pretty tired at the end, but had managed to ward off any cramps, so it felt like a total success. Now I just have the 46 miles on the single speed to go. I’ll be doing that next weekend and am expecting it to be a long day on the trails.

I’m a little behind on my running and riding, so hopefully I can pick that up a bit in the next week. Only 10 days to go.

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