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8 Days to Go. Yikes!

Okay, I just realized that I only have 8 more days. So I wrote out a schedule of rides and runs to get my mileage completed. It’s going to be a busy next 8 days for the most part. I might be able to make some of the early rides and runs a bit bigger to ease my load, but I’m not counting on it. I guess I’m the one who got behind so I’ll just have to take up the slack.

I have 136 more miles to ride and 13 miles to run. I have a 3-day weekend, so that should help, but I have at least one birthday party to go to, so that won’t help. Here’s the plan that I’ve got in my head.

Tomorrow is Wednesday August 29th. I’m going to ride 30 miles.

Thursday August 30th: Run 4 miles.

Friday August 31st: Ride 15 miles (very easy miles).

Saturday Sept. 1: 46 miles on the SingleSpeed.

Sunday Sept. 2: 20 mile bike ride.

Monday Sept. 3: 5 mile run.

Tuesday Sept. 4: 25 mile bike ride.

Wednesday Sept. 5: 4 mile run.

This schedule will have me meeting my goal exactly, so I guess it’s what I’m going to need to now. No questions anymore about what I should be doing. Now I know and I just need to get it done.

Wish me luck.

One Response to “8 Days to Go. Yikes!”

  1. Rad. Looks daunting. In solidarity I’ll be riding 78 (actually more because I have to ride to the start) of single track with 15k of climbing on Sat, but no SS. Maybe I’ll do some other stuff. I’ve been shit for support this year. My last month, other than some long rides, has been shite. I’d better sack up and match you. Finish strong!

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